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The Online Resume is the first step in the JCS job search and macthing process.

Submit one online resume today and you'll never have to worry about creating another resume through our website again. Your resume will only need to be updated when changes occur in your life that affect the information listed in your resume. Other than that, the one resume can be used for any position you are interested in.

In addition, even though you may have interests in only one position, your resume will be evaluated against all positions listed through our company so that you have options.

One Submitted Online Resume Will Be Evaluated Against Every Position Being Offered Through JCS.

JCS offers you a direct line to impressive companies. With JCS, you'll have access to opportunities you may not otherwise know about. There are many advantages to finding employment using our jobsearch methods:

Our employment specialists work directly with you, discussing your talents, job criteria and career goals. We take the same amount of time to understand the companies we work with so we're able to make the optimal employer-employee match.

What kind of position are you looking for? Do you like the flexibility of shorter term projects? Are you looking for a job that allows you to "test the waters" before you commit? Do you want the security and stability of a full-time permanent position? JCS can help you find exactly what you're looking for.

All of our employment services are free to job seekers. Hiring companies pay the fee for us to find qualified employees.

To proceed, please submit an online resume by clicking on the link below.

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